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MB Aerospace Group Acquires Asian Compressor Technology Services

22 Jan 2018

International aerospace group MB Aerospace has today (22 January 2018) announced the acquisition of Taiwan-based Asian Compressor Technology Services Company Limited (ACTS) - the business will trade as MB Aerospace ACTS (Taiwan).

ACTS was founded in 1995 as a joint venture by Pratt & Whitney, China Airlines and Singapore Airlines Engineering Company to provide in-house repair of aero-engine components within the turbine and compressor sections of gas turbine aero-engines.

ACTS, which employs over 100 specialist and technical staff, is a leading global provider of aero-engine component repair services to Pratt & Whitney’s overhaul network, giving MB Aerospace a highly-performing footprint in the rapidly-growing Asian market and taking overall employee numbers above 1,700 across the United States, Europe and Asia.

From a well-invested site close to the logistics hub of Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, ACTS is now a global player in the repair of performance-critical compressor and turbine components.  Since it was founded over two decades ago, ACTS has developed a market-leading reputation for service and customer performance, whilst developing  strengths in key technologies including brazing and vacuum brazing, thermal spray coating, laser holography, water jetting, auto-welding and rubber/epoxy solutions.

Craig Gallagher, MB Aerospace Chief Executive Officer, said: “This acquisition greatly expands our capabilities in the repair sector and gives us a crucial geographical presence in the fast-growing Asian market.

“ACTS already serves a diverse customer base globally and its truly world-class servicing capabilities on performance-critical rotating components will now operate in synergy with our high-volume compressor and turbine component manufacturing facility at MB Aerospace Newton Abbot in the UK. Expanding our capabilities in the turbine and compressor sections of the aero-engine is a key strategic objective for MB Aerospace and we have ambitious plans for further growth and investment in both Taiwan and Newton Abbot.

 “This is a hugely exciting and positive deal for everyone involved. Taiwan is a global centre for manufacturing innovation and the Taiwan government’s stated aim of supporting aerospace manufacturing is also a very attractive factor for us as we look to expand operations there.

“ACTS provides a tremendous platform for further growth in Asia - we are buying a high-performing company that has been operating at UTC Supplier Gold status for over 70 consecutive months. This established, world-class performance standard will give MB Aerospace a solid footing to serve global aero-engine customers that demand high quality, performance-critical repairs with fast turnaround times and cost-competitive repairs on critical rotating components in the hot section of the engine.

“We are also joining forces with a world-class senior management team at ACTS who will help deliver our growth ambitions during an exciting time for the industry. The global aircraft fleet is projected to double in the next 20 years and much of this demand will come from growth in Asian air traffic.

“In addition it also significantly deepens our already strong relationship in servicing the global Pratt & Whitney overhaul network.” 

MB Aerospace集團將收購華普飛機引擎科技股份有限公司


國際航空航太集團MB Aerospace今天(10月27日)宣佈,該集團已經達成了一份收購台灣華普飛機引擎科技股份有限公司(Asian Compressor Technology Services Company Limited,簡稱「ACTS」)的協議。一旦法律手續最終確定——很有可能是在2018年1月,那麼ACTS將會作為「MB Aerospace ACTS(台灣)公司」展開業務。

ACTS成立於1995年,是由普惠公司(Pratt & Whitney)、中華航空公司(China Airlines)和新加坡航空工程公司(Singapore Airlines Engineering Company)組建的合資企業,主要是為燃氣渦輪航空引擎中的渦輪和壓縮機部分,提供航空引擎部件的內部維修。

ACTS擁有超過100位專業人員和技術人員,是為普惠大修網路提供航空引擎部件維修服務的全球領先提供商,可以讓MB Aerospace在整個快速發展的亞洲市場大顯身手,並讓MB Aerospace在美國、歐洲和亞洲的員工總數達1700人以上。


MB Aerospace執行長Craig Gallagher表示:「此次收購能夠大大擴展我們在維修領域的能力,並且讓我們能夠在快速發展的亞洲市場上獲得尤其重要的立足之地。」

「ACTS為十分多元化的全球客戶群提供服務,在性能關鍵型旋轉部件方面,該公司具備真正的世界一流服務能力,現在,這將能與我們在英國牛頓阿博特的MB Aerospace大容量壓縮機和渦輪部件製造工廠產生良好的協同效應。擴展我們在航空引擎內渦輪和壓縮機部分的能力,是MB Aerospace的一個關鍵戰略目標,我們已經為台灣和牛頓阿博特業務的更進一步發展與投資制定了雄心勃勃的計劃。」


「ACTS可以為我們在亞洲的更進一步發展提供非常大的平臺——我們所收購的這家優秀公司已經連續70多個月保持UTC(美國聯合技術公司)金牌供應商地位。收購這家發展成熟、確立世界一流性能標準的公司將讓MB Aerospace站穩市場,為全球航空引擎客戶提供服務,而這些客戶要求進行高品質的性能關鍵型維修,並且在航空引擎熱區的關鍵旋轉部件方面,進行快速周轉和在成本上具有競爭力的維修。」